Our Values


As a healthcare technology company, we are committed to providing superior service and value for our clients in unprecedented ways.

The daily driving purpose of our business is delivering excellence in service with results you can always count on. We have a full conscious awareness that we exist solely for those we serve.

It is our privilege to serve customers, preserve their trust and earn their continuous business by being a results-driven, performance-based company.


The foundation of our work can be summarized through the following values:


We stand by our unique approach and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee our results are compliant with industry standards and are based on true provider acceptance of our methodology. At PayerFusion we seek to eliminate hidden costs and surprises.


We remove the mystery from the claims processing discount process.
Throughout the claims payment cycle, our clients have access to actual claims pricing and statistics for their block of business within our network.
Our rules driven system provides you with the information you need to know, when you need to know it. Our intelligent technology makes you an expert in the field.


We continuously strive for service excellence. We measure our success in terms of your satisfaction. That’s why we pledge to continuously look for ways to improve our processes, guided by both our anticipation of industry change and a proactive dialogue with you.
We will always employ innovative technologies that enable us to become faster and more efficient with every action we take, every policy we adopt, and every service level we implement.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Teamwork is the framework upon which our company is built. We recognize our people make everything possible. Our employees’ ideas and feedback drive both our innovation and your ongoing satisfaction.
We believe that well-informed, well rounded and satisfied employees create positive outcomes that result in happy customers. That’s why we put our people first.