We “Fuse” the gap between providers who deserve fair compensation for quality care and payers who seek to pay fair prices for medical services rendered.


Innovation and integrity … these are what make us PayerFusion.

Our methods use technology built for the pace of business today. At PayerFusion a paid claim is a closed claim, effectively, efficiently, fast, and accurately with reduction levels like none you have ever experienced.
We make you a true expert and take out the middleman. Use our system, see the difference.


Our Mission is to assist insurance companies, self-insured employers, managed care plans and other payers by:

  • Reducing average claim payment costs
  • Reducing administrative expenditures
  • Providing superior customer service to members and clients
  • Maintaining a technological edge in service delivery
  • Providing on-demand access to data and custom report configurations
  • Securing the highest discounts in the industry
  • Keeping abreast of transient regulatory changes in the U.S. payer marketplace
  • Benchmark your performance to the industry’s best and most efficient payers