High quality medical care delivered in almost any setting including home, hotel or office.


House calls allow patients who can’t or do not wish to travel to a doctor’s office to access high quality medical care in their homes, hotel rooms or offices.

Whatever time of day you need them, our doctors will come to your patients. You can even schedule a non-emergency appointment at their convenience. Our doctors are highly clinically credentialed. They also meet our standards for delivering patient-centered care. Patients receive thorough, unhurried exams from board certified physicians.


Excellent service option for:

• High risk for readmission based on morbidities

• History of extended hospital stay

• History of frequent ER utilization

• Discharge with open wound

• Coumadin therapy

• Discharge with complex medication regimen

• Poor adherence with medical and pharmacological therapy

• Any mental impairment functional decline

• Poor nutritional status

• Difficult to control labile diabetes, hypertension, etc.

• Travelers to the U.S. who don’t require ER care