At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC we are prepared to meet your requirements on a global scale. From networks to our cost containment, administration and specialty services, our innovative approach to the industry reaches an array of countries. Let us know what you need and we will work with you to provide the service our clients and partners expect from us. We enable you to remain compliant and competitive using our unique techniques and methodology for self-funded groups, programs, international insurers and more. We shift the paradigm and put you on the leading edge, worldwide.

At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC, we have a unique position in the industry. Our knowledge of the United States’ complex healthcare systems make us highly qualified to serve you and yours. We are highly trained in the country’s health plan administration and cost containment techniques, and combined with our unique cost-plus methodology, we are a Third-Party Administration company to be reckoned with.

At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC we are proud of our effective and global network. We use our proprietary creation, PayFuseNet to anchor our cost reductions to the actual cost of services and an understanding of fair rates of reimbursement, in addition to an array of specialty services. Our unique approach to claims administration is highly regarded by our partners and affiliates, join our network today!

At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC, we know how hard it can be to run a business or keep a group healthy and financially secure. We have the experience and unique techniques that prove to be an effective asset in insuring your people. With highly effective stop loss techniques and specialty services, we can be the engine behind your self-funded program. Why pay a huge premium when PayerFusion can have your back with effective stop loss and administrative services to keep you on the leading edge.

At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC, we take pride in being the solution for self-funded programs, international insurers, providers and anyone who requires unique and effective health plan and third-party administration services. As the next generation of healthcare cost containment and claims managements technology. Help us help you minimize your burden today with our health plan administration, specialty services and cost containment solutions.

Empowering healthcare payers with effective health plan administration & cost containment services.


Utilizing our innovative technology, a proprietary pricing methodology and our PayFuseNet Provider Network, PayerFusion’s health plan administration services provide complete solutions for domestic self-funded insurers and international payers. Backed by a strong management team and adhering to Six Sigma protocols, we minimize the administrative burden of our partners and deliver the most effective medical cost containment possible while simultaneously ensuring that medical providers are reimbursed at a fair rate.

Our suite of powerful rules-driven health plan administration tools, enable our partners to remain competitive and compliant in an environment of ever-increasing costs and regulations. From claim administration web portals to member facing mobile apps, our array of solutions puts our partners on the leading edge of health information technology, assists in improving market penetration and creates new branding opportunities.

Providing an exceptional member experience is of paramount importance and a key component of our health plan administration services. Our dedication to a positive member experience is facilitated via our multi-lingual customer service team, access to the highest quality care and online technology.

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Complete Admin Health Plan Solutions

From facilitating member access to medical care, to strategically managed policy benefits and provider reimbursements – we cover the entire spectrum of health plan administration.

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