Success Stories


No claim is too big or too small for our methodology to work.


Initial Charges: $400,000 – Discount: 35% – Savings: $140,000

A patient from the UK required a cholecystectomy while traveling in the US state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire state law clearly states that providers may only offer a 5% discount to payers. PayerFusion analyzed past public financial records and noticed that there were instances when the provider had recently given a 30% discount to domestic carriers. This was used as leverage to secure a 35% discount on charges for the payer.

It is our privilege to serve customers, preserve their trust and earn their continuous business by being a results-driven, performance-based company.



Initial Charges: $900,000 – Discount: 78% – Savings: $702,000

An expatriate patient on an international policy required treatment for cirrhosis of the liver and renal failure. Patient was admitted to a hospital that was part of our PayFuseNet Provider Network where they received extensive treatment for 90 days and incurred costs of approximately $900,000. PayerFusion was able to successfully apply our cost containment methodology to secure a 78% discount on behalf of the payer.



Initial Charges: $400,000 – Discount: 94% – Savings: $376,000

An international patient on a travel policy had an acute stroke with complications while visiting the US. The patient was treated for 15 days in a large metropolitan hospital that was part of our PayFuseNet Provider Network. Provider charges for treating the patient totaled $400,000. After conducting a claims analysis and applying our cost containment protocols, PayerFusion was able to achieve a 94% reduction charges.



Initial Charges: $750,000 – Discount: 35% – Savings: $262,500

A patient from the UK suffered a cardiac arrest while visiting the US. The patient spent a total 6 months being treated in 4 different hospitals and accrued charges in excess of $750,000. The incident occurred in the state of Maryland where state law dictates that providers only offer a 2% discount on billed charges. Using our cost-plus methodology and existing relationships with the providers we were able to achieve a 35% discount for the payer in a state where 2% is the norm.