Medical escort services are a cost-effective alternative to expensive air ambulance transportation for patients who need medical transportation from hospitals after surgeries, accidents, and certain illnesses.For patients fit enough to travel on commercial airlines, medical escort services greatly enhance patient comfort during travel.


Excellent service option for:

Compassionate, expert care – Medical Escorts deliver care with compassion to give patients peace of mind and ensure that they receive the highest level of medical assistance while making traveling in their condition as easy as possible.

One-on-one service and monitoring – Medical Escorts ensure patients receive attentive service throughout their travel according to their medical needs. This care can include medication administration. Patient’s status and vital signs are closely monitored throughout travel.

Mobility assistance – Patients receive mobility assistance to ensure a hassle-free experience as they maneuver around the airline terminal via wheelchair, handling luggage, flight check-in, security check points and any other travel matters that may arise.

Cost savings – Assistance of a medical escort during travel can often eliminate the need for more expensive forms of medical transportation, e.g. air ambulances.

Credentialed staff – Escorts are U.S. registered nurses that carry U.S. passports and any necessary visas. Physician escorts can also be arranged for those patients who require more advanced medical care during their travel.

Experience – Specially trained advance care medical staff has extensive experience in air medical escorting and has skillfully, and successfully completed numerous trips, offering patients a comfortable, safe, and worry-free travel experience.


Excellent service option for:

• High risk for readmission based on morbidities

• History of extended hospital stay

• History of frequent ER utilization

• Discharge with open wound

• Coumadin therapy

• Discharge with complex medication regimen

• Poor adherence with medical and pharmacological therapy

• Any mental impairment functional decline

• Poor nutritional status

• Difficult to control labile diabetes, hypertension, etc.

• Travelers to the U.S. who don’t require ER care