PayerFusion’s White Glove Service

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June 6th, 2012

Our white glove services are a strong market differentiator for our clients and help give patients peace of mind  when traveling to the U.S. to receive  medical care. Whether a patient needs assistance with a prescription or simply needs help locating the comforts of home, we are there to help.  Our White Glove Services help to provide a healthcare experience that eliminates the hassles, inconveniences and insecurity associated with traveling to undergo a medical procedure. Our White Glove Service Managers can meet a patient at a facility to guide the admission process, arrange for translation services, help keep family back home apprised of the patient’s progress – whatever they need, we take care of it. This coordination of logistics and care results in an exceptional patient experience.

White Glove Service Levels

White Glove Service - Each patient receives personalized, written instructions to help them prepare for their arrival at a U.S. facility. Patients also receive a card with the name and phone number of their dedicated Service Account Manager, who is available to them and their family 24/7.  All they have to do is call.  The service is available in multiple languages and can be branded in the name of the client as a unique service they provide to their most valued customers.

White Glove Concierge Service - Patients and their families are provided with an on-site White Glove Service Manager.  This is a non-medical companion who, like the White Glove Service described above, advocates for the patient and is available 24/7.  The added benefit is that this individual travels to the facility where the patient is receiving care.  The Service Manager makes sure that the facility does not bill the patient directly.  S/he can coordinate any follow-up visits, obtain medical notes, and facilitate whatever else the patient and family requests to enhance their stay and treatment experience.

Just one of our White Glove success stories....

A patient traveling from South America requested the PayerFusion White Glove Concierge Service via their insurance carrier. The patient was scheduled to undergo a major surgery and 2 week stay at a Center of Excellence  located in the US that is part of our extensive network of hospitals. We immediately assigned one of our expert Service Managers and prepared a "Welcome Package" consisting of appointment details, contact information and general tips to make their stay as worry-free as possible.

Upon the patients arrival at their hotel, the service manager welcomed the patient, delivered a few requested items,  reviewed the appointment schedule, answered questions and made the patient feel as comfortable as possible. On the day of admission the Service Manager accompanied the patient and provided guidance, care and support throughout the process. During the 2 week stay the patient had several requests for specific foods and personal items to improve the comfort of their stay. The service manager was available 24/7 and immediately responded to all requests during the 2 week period, many times simply to locate and provide the comforts of home to the patient. At the end of the stay, the service manager provided support in handling the financial and administrative aspects of the discharge process.

This success story is just one of many in which the PayerFusion White Glove Service helped make a patient's experience more comfortable and worry-free.

For More Information on PayerFusion's White Glove Services please call 1-866-752-8881.