This Week in Healthcare: November 9th, 2012

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November 9th, 2012
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10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

With so much focus on the cost of healthcare, one has to wonder, what are the most expensive medical procedures?  The 10 most expensive medical procedures. In cases of transplants, the hospital stay before and after the surgery makes up about 75 percent of the bill.

8 Best Practices for More Cost & Quality Conscious Consumers

Driving consumer engagement with cost and quality information to encourage more affordable medical care decisions requires a proactive effort on the part of healthcare payers. The following best practices aim to stimulate consumer consciousness of cost and quality when making decisions about their healthcare.

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Health IT

CMS Recommended Core Measures for 2014

Meaningful Use is not an overnight process

States seek help making health exchange rules

A national plan for the exchanges

4 ways patient engagement reduces healthcare costs

Improving Patient Safety Through Electronic Health Record Simulation

HIE is critical public utility in Sandy disaster

Understanding the ROI of HIT

Doctors get another chance to avoid Medicare e-prescribing penalty

HealthTap adds two-pronged physician rating system

Infographic: Health Insurance Exchanges

CMS: $7.7 billion in #EHR payments through September

The right database architecture key to successful HIEs

Successful HIE relies on appropriate database architecture

IT start-up costs can exceed $1M for ACOs. 2013 will be the infrastructure purchasing year.

Clinical decision support helps to curb inappropriate prescribing

Technology is only one obstacle to interoperability


Care Coordination & Primary Care

Primary Care With a Personal Touch

Optimizing Care Transitions: Where Do Predictive Analytics Tools Fit In?

Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care

Demand is growing for PrimaryCare docs as positions get harder to fill

Almost 1/2 of States are Implementing Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Medicaid Populations


Healthcare Reform

The Top Five Myths About the Affordable Care Act

Having patient satisfaction data alone just isn’t enough to choose a hospital based on quality

5 Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

Employers, Unions Demand Health Care Price Transparency in Letter

How Three Federal Initiatives Are Set To Transform U.S. Health Care

Long nurse shifts lead to burnout, patient dissatisfaction

Envisioning the healthcare market for outcome driven care


Healthcare Costs

Affordable Concierge Medicine

Palliative care cuts costs as much as 67%

How The Individual Mandate Penalty Will Be Calculated

Design & Use of Performance Measures to Decrease Low-Value Services & Achieve Cost-Conscious Care

Sustainability efforts could save healthcare industry $15B over 10 years


Medicare & Medicaid

What Medicare Will Cover Even if You’re Not Likely to Get Better

Final rule equalizes Medicaid payment rates for primary care physicians

$109 Million- Cost of Medicare Imaging Self-Referrals

AHA files suit against HHS over Medicare reimbursements

[VIDEO] Understanding how Medicare is financed

How will the Medicaid expansion for adults impact eligibility and coverage?


Medical Billing

Hospital to pay $7M in false claims settlement

How to Go About Negotiating Healthcare Bills


Payment Reform

How Bundled Payments Just Might Save Health Care From Itself

Recent Significant Changes in Healthcare

74% of physicians feel lack of financial control over practices due to Medicare payment reductions & ICD10



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