The Difference Between a Cold and Allergies

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October 16th, 2015
Categories: Health News

Often during this time of year, we all start to feel congested and watery eyed and find ourselves wondering…is it the cold or flu? In this video Dr. Oz and a guest named Courtney, explore the signs and symptoms of a cold vs. allergies to determine what you have!

Here are 4 telltale ways to decide if you have a cold or an allergy.

Clue 1:  Irritation inside of the nose

The healthy color inside the nose is pink,

A pale blue coloring usually indicates allergies

A red more irritated nose means you most likely have a cold


Clue 2: Type of Mucus

Clear and flow-y is typical of allergies, while a thick and yellow-ish consistency is usually brought on by a cold.


Clue 3: The Type of Sneeze

Allergies usually produce rapid, frequent sneezing patterns, while

Infrequent, stronger sneezes are more of a cold symptom


Clue 4: Time- How long have your symptoms lasted?

For a cold, Symptoms can last 2-10 days, whereas allergy symptoms can last weeks or even longer if not treated.