Supporting Expatriates Inside & Outside the Workplace

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July 16th, 2014

ExpatriatesExpatriates find themselves in a unique position when it comes to adapting to a new workplace. From cultural differences to professional differences, it remains vital that these employees are given access to an intricate support system for issues both in the workplace and more importantly, at home. It is outside the workplace where newly relocated employees often feel overwhelmed and need assistance.

Relocating Expatriates

Many expat employees are relocated by their employer – a new position at a new branch has opened up, shuffling of staff is occuring, or maybe they requested the move themselves. International relocations to and from the US and other countries are usually done in one of two ways:

  • The company will coordinate all relocation support internally within their human resources department; or
  • Outsource all or a part to a third party relocation service provider.

The second route is particularly easier for when looking to provide some sort of assistance to relocated expatriates. The reason being, many of these third party providers offer a full service buffet of assistance services, from counseling to insurance. Boutique providers often specialize in a specific part of the relocation process and cater directly to expatriate families. As a third party, these organizations possess the knowledge and expertise to provide cost-effective support across global borders.

These services can be very valuable and effective in providing your international employees or recruits with an intricate support system that can eliminate any cultural misunderstandings. They can include:

  • Language Assitance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Mortgaging & Financing Services
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Counselling Services
  • Moving Services

Health Services & Medical Assistance for Expatriates

Consider providing health insurance for an individual you as CEO has personally relocated from HQ in London to your branch office in Miami. The move is full time. Their NHS coverage will provide very little support. Medical practices differ considerable between the US and the UK. Finally, finding a primary care physician or nearby hospital will be the last thing on the employees mind after moving his entire family and concentrating on their new job.

If left to the employee, costs and time become uncontrollable – but an emergency isn’t going to wait for things to be in order. Obtaining insurance on their own could also lead to considerably higher premiums and fees. The necessary paperwork and requirements may further complicate the process as these differ from country to country.

Using a third party organization can often eliminate those hassles and present alternate or supplemental options, such as offering travel insurance, 24/7 emergency assistance and more. Many third party administrators have special health insurance products and services designed for expatriates and international employees. These services can relieve the burden on expenses during times of medical emergencies that may occur unexpectedly in a new city or remote location.

For employers whom operate a global corporation and relocate employees regularly, consider contacting one of PayerFusion Holdings’ Benefits Advisors and see how TPA services such as white glove medical concierge, second medical opinion or review, and provider search assistance can be bundled into your current health insurance plan.