[Press Release] PayerFusion Now Offers Electronic Personal Health Records & Telehealth Services to International and US-Based Group Members

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February 27th, 2015
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Miami, FL – February 2015       PayerFusion announced the rollout of its new added-value Personal Health Record and Telehealth solutions, available to existing and prospective clients with group members or employees in the US & abroad.

The new addition to PayerFusion’s service menu enables employers or payers to take greater control over their group’s health information and encourages individuals to play a bigger role in their healthcare. Available in 2015, members will be able to manage their PHRs on the go, have PayerFusion collect their past medical records, schedule e-consultations with a domestic or foreign provider, and even request second medical opinions within 48 hours – all accessible online and via a mobile app. Each is supported by a network of medical specialists and experts in their respective fields.

These innovative services will align with PayerFusion’s prior initiatives to promote patient-centered care and operate seamlessly with other PayerFusion solutions. Furthermore, they will enable greater cost-containment and provide clarity to both the individual and payer.

“The addition of our Electronic PHRs, coupled with new e-consultation and second medical opinion services, has enabled us to extend our outreach directly to our patients and group members. We strongly believe this is a step forward in advocating patient-centered care and globally expanding the impact of telehealth.” – Griselle Chernys, CEO of PayerFusion Holdings, LLC.

Following the rollout, PayerFusion will become one of the only international TPA’s of its kind to offer a complete suite of Case Management & Concierge Solutions that include other vital services such as Repatriation, Medical Record Review, Emergency Evacuation, and many more.

About PayerFusion Holdings, LLC

PayerFusion Holdings, LLC is the only international TPA of its kind servicing employers and payers both domestically and abroad. PayerFusion's innovative TPA services utilize the latest medical claim processing technology coupled with our unique healthcare cost containment methodologies to provide payers with the sharpest advantage possible. Our rules-driven medical claim administration tools and self-funded plan administration enable employers to remain competitive and compliant in an environment of ever-increasing costs and regulations. PayerFusion was established in 2009 and is based in Miami, FL.

For more information on PayerFusion’s new PHR and Telehealth solutions available in 2015, or to learn more about our other patient-centered case management and cost-containment services, email our press contact at info@payerfusion.com, or call +1 (866) 752-8881.