[Press Release] PayerFusion Holdings Designated as Exclusive TPA for WellAway & the CFE

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February 27th, 2015

Miami, Fl – February, 2015 – PayerFusion Holdings has announced it has been designated as the exclusive TPA to administer WellAway, Ltd.’s health plans in the USA, including the first ACA-compliant CFE Complémentaire.

WellAway, Ltd. is an insurance manager based in Bermuda that specializes in offering expatriate health and travel insurance. In partnership with the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE) – a social fund designed to reimburse French expatriates seeking medical treatment – WellAway has announced the launch of its La Vie À l’Étranger health & lifestyle program.

La Vie À l’Étranger is designed to offer French nationals more than just a CFE Complémentaire, it also includes access to a number of wellness and support tools such as travel allowances for medical services, online personal health records, and personalized ConciergeCare. This program is the first of its kind to be approved by CMS to meet Minimum Essential Coverage and the new provisions introduced under the ACA.

PayerFusion is now the first US TPA to be involved with coordinating benefits across a two-payer health plan that incorporates the CFE.

Laura Alvarez, General Manager at PayerFusion, expressed her excitement surrounding the partnership. “It is the first time that a TPA like ourselves will be providing these sort of culturally-centered services. WellAway’s products are unique in how they accommodate the lifestyle of expatriates, putting additional importance on how we service each of our covered lives.” Ms. Alvarez continued, “While we have always serviced international clients, it is our expertise and experience with healthcare in the USA that has put us at the forefront of servicing US-bound expatriates.”

Additionally, PayerFusion will support the program with a number of ancillary services to best accommodate WellAway’s French expatriates, including Claims Adjudication, Network Access, Provider Search Assistance, Case Management, Cost-Containment and Balance Billing.

The Miami-based TPA has already begun expanding in both French-speaking personnel and further developing its proprietary claims management software to accommodate this unique venture.

About PayerFusion

PayerFusion Holdings, LLC is based in Miami, FL and is the only international TPA of its kind that offers plan administration services, benefits coordination, cost-containment and case management services to healthcare payers and groups around the world. PayerFusion is an advocate of supporting expatriate lives and health plans seeking ACA-compliant healthcare solutions

To learn more about how PayerFusion Holdings will be involved with the CFE & WellAway or the services available to international and expatriate health plans, contact PayerFusion’s Press Officer at +1 (305) 760-8739 or email us at info@payerfusion.com.