PayerFusion Healthcare Insights Roundup – March

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March 31st, 2013

Infographic: The Savings Potential of Self-Funding

Self-funded plans are able to take advantage of significant cost savings, flexible health plan design, increased cash flow and choice in administration. Our infographic compares the required components, cost and savings of fully insured health plans and two types of self-funded health plan options.

Report: The National Commission on Physician Payment Reform

The National Commission on Physician Payment Reform report listing a number of critical recommendations to control healthcare spending and improve quality.

Hospital Consolidation Impacts on Cost and Quality

Hospital spending is the key driver of healthcare costs in the US and has been growing at nearly 5% year over year. One cause of this consistent increase in spending is the continuing consolidation of hospitals around the country.

Self-Funded FAQs

The following FAQ provides employers with basic information regarding the self-funding of health benefits. Please consult PayerFusion to request more information.

Expat Plans and PPACA: An Exception to the Rule

The Federal Government has granted expatriate health plans temporary relief from complying with several PPACA provisions. Group expat plans must end on or before December 31, 2015 in order to be eligible for temporary relief.

Essential Health Benefits Explained

The Department of Health & Human Services organizes the ACA minimum coverage levels into 10 categories of Essential Health Benefits. HHS regulations also set annual cap limits for cost sharing and minimum coverage values.

The Growth of Telemedicine

With it’s potential to improve access, create efficiencies and play a major role in supporting the goals of accountable care, telemedicine continues to gain acceptance and utilization.