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Price Transparency

2014 Healthcare Price Transparency Report Card

America’s healthcare landscape has begun to look very different compared to that of 10 years ago. The shift towards a single-payer system has begun. Healthcare coverage has been expanded, mandated and subsidized. Hospital networks and mergers have consumed smaller private practices or clinics. Big Data is slowly taking the steps towards implementation. Yet, consumers are still […] Read More
Corporate Wellness Porgrams

Tips for Developing a Corporate Wellness Program

The option to self-fund employee health insurance is becoming very favorable for many of the US’ large employers. Seen as a way to avoid many of the healthcare reforms taxing provisions, self-funding can yield huge savings on employer-sponsored health plans. In fact, almost 60% of todays large employers choose to self-fund over traditional employer-sponsored options. […] Read More

HHS Releases 2015 PPACA Health Insurer Standards

The Department of Health & Human Services issued a set of rules and guidelines titled “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Exchange and Insurance Market Standards” this month that aims to correct the issues that resulted from the health laws rocky rollout. The release was also accompanied by a bulletin on product discontinuance and cancelled […] Read More

Employers Fear New Taxes Under The PPACA

When the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) was signed into legislation, it was endorsed as a way to increase access to affordable health insurance coverage. Three months in and the rate of uninsured individuals has started to dwindle. Many families can now get federal subsidies for coverage that would have normally been unaffordable.The […] Read More
Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging Cost-Containment Strategies

For most complex medical procedures, some form of diagnostic imaging is often conducted prior to administering treatment. Currently, diagnostic imaging is amongst the fasting rising area of medical expense, increasing almost twice the rate of prescription drugs at 20% growth. Almost $100 billion is spent on imaging in the US annually. Factor in its growth […] Read More
cost plus methodology

Hidden Surcharges Calculator For Healthcare Payers

For healthcare payers and patients, value for money remains a key driver in selecting medical providers and treatments. Value plays an even bigger role for employers whom sponsor their employees’ health insurance plans.  Recently, our friends at The LeapFrog Group developed a tool that aims at helping payers – specifically employers – identify the hidden […] Read More
Palliative Care

Palliative Care Could Save More Than Just Lives

It was announced in January by the World Health Organization, in conjunction with the World Palliative Care Association, that a resolution to expand Palliative Care access throughout the world will be confirmed at the World Health Assembly in May. The proposal would do more than just expand access to such treatments; it could also be […] Read More
health system measurement project

Big Data Will Realign Healthcare Stakeholders

“Big Data” has become a key driver of technological innovation throughout the healthcare industry for the last few years. As data and software vendors begin to roll out new products, the focus must shift towards the industry’s stakeholders and how they can use Big Data to their collective benefit. Since 2010, over 200 HealthIT firms […] Read More
Corporate-Sponsored Medical Tourism

Corporate-Sponsored Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a hot topic these days. Providers and payers worldwide both see multiple benefits in offering or arranging medical treatments across borders – however it’s the patient’s demand for better quality at lower costs that continue to drive medical tourism’s growing popularity. As a result, many domestic medical providers have begun to lose […] Read More

Reducing Preventable ER Visits

Emergency room visits and treatment account for approximately 2% of all US Healthcare spending. In an age where cost means everything and subsidized healthcare has become the nation’s crutch, this becomes an alarming figure. While ER visits have risen between 1995 and present day by almost 30%, more concern should be shifted towards the fact […] Read More

ICD-10: Providers & Payers – Be Prepared

As of October 2014, the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases – ICD-10 – will take effect, requiring healthcare professionals to implement a series of complex and in depth changes to their medical coding process and compliancy. ICD-10 will increase the current code database under ICD-9 from 17,000 procedure codes to 141,000. Prior […] Read More

Medicaid Expansion: What to expect in 2014

On Jan 1st, Medicaid expanded its coverage eligibility across 25 states and DC. The expansion has reformed the program from a last-resort healthcare option towards providing broad based access to a new and more diverse set of individuals. However, the expansion will bring with it multiple obstacles for healthcare professionals throughout the near future. Why […] Read More