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US Healthcare System Ranked 11th – Report

A recent report released by the Commonwealth Fund – Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally – has ranked 11 countries’ healthcare systems based a number of factors contributing to efficiency and outcomes.  Among the 11 nations studied — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, […] Read More
Mobile Health

Mobile Health Can Help Contain Healthcare Costs

With Apple’s announcement of its software package to accompany iOS8 – HealthKit – mobile health advocates are one step closer to the healthcare landscape they envisioned. Current State of Mobile Health Mobile health (mHealth) is currently leading the frontline in healthcare technology innovation, and may finally be able to prove its value to not only […] Read More
Health Insights Symposium

Press Release: Health Insights Symposium Fills the Gap in PPACA Preparedness Amongst Employers

June 9, 2014 – Miami, FL The attendees at this month’s Health Insights Symposium were in agreement that many employers are unaware of the required regulations and alternatives available when offering health benefits to employees and their dependents. That’s why they chose to attend – to learn about the impact of healthcare reform on employee […] Read More
Hospital Price Data

South Florida Hospital Price Data Released

The release of new healthcare price data by the HHS and CMS will prove to be very helpful for South Florida healthcare consumers and payers, as Florida currently fails to implicate any regulations over statewide healthcare transparency. While the state-mandated website managed by the Agency for Health Care Administration,, provides a brief price range […] Read More
Medical Debt

Tackling Medical Debt

The current state of medical debt across the US has begun to prompt providers to consider alternate action when attempting to collect unpaid medical bills. Currently, more than 50% of patients will struggle to pay medical debt this year, according to the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), a non-profit organization that provides patients with chronic, debilitating […] Read More
Healthcare Price Transparency

HCCI Launches Healthcare Price Transparency Portal

Three major health insurance players – Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare – have teamed up with the non-profit Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) to launch an online portal where they will publish information on their healthcare prices. Scheduled to go live in early 2015, HCCI “expects additional carriers to participate in the near future” as many […] Read More

Employers Not Ready for PPACA Regulations

The state of employer-sponsored health plans remains an issue of concern throughout the US healthcare landscape. With the PPACA inflicting new regulations and mandates on employers offering health benefits to their employees, alternate solutions towards traditional employee health plans are becoming more and more popular. Importance of Employer-Sponsored Benefits The idea of employers contributing towards […] Read More

New Telemedicine Policy Proposed to US Medical Boards

Telemedicine has continued to grow steadily at almost 18.6%, reaching annual revenue of $11.6 billion USD. Researchers are projecting that number to reach $27 billion by 2016. However, a recently proposed telemedicine policy published by the Federation of State Medical Boards has raised concerns over the regulation of the current US telemedicine market. Policy Details […] Read More
Health Insights Symposium

Press Release: Introducing the Health Insights Symposium

  Press Release: Introducing the Health Insights Symposium – A recurring event hosted by PayerFusion Holdings LLC To Help Employers Navigate Healthcare Reform. May 2014 – Miami, FL PayerFusion Holdings, L.L.C has announced they will be hosting the Health Insights Symposium, the first in a series of informative events to help employers navigate the intricacies of the Patient Protection […] Read More
Expatriate Health Plans

House Approves Fix for ACA Compliant Expatriate Health Plans

By Associated Press, April 29th WASHINGTON – The House approved bipartisan legislation Tuesday to exempt U.S. health plans sold to expatriate workers from having to comply with requirements under the Affordable Care Act. The measure, which passed 268-150, is aimed at helping U.S. insurance companies like Cigna and MetLife that are at a competitive disadvantage with […] Read More

Health Insurance Premiums Continue to Rise

Despite encouraging figures in the number of enrollees and uninsured, healthcare reform still has one big question to answer – how much will health insurance premiums cost? The ACA is finally being touted a success with an unexpected 8 million individuals enrolled in the health insurance exchange and recent studies reporting the number of uninsured […] Read More
Hospital-Associated Infections

Hospital-Associated Infections Remain Rampant

The CDC recently issued two reports on the progress US hospitals have made in reducing the number of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs). HAIs remain an expensive form of wasted healthcare spending – with associated costs reaching $9.8 billion USD a year.  To make matters worse, the US does not currently have a system in place to […] Read More