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2014 Employer Health Benefits Survey

Annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage rose 3 percent from 2013 to reach $16,834 in 2014, according to Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust 2014 Employer Health Benefits Survey. Moderate premium growth has been a steady trend over the last few years, since the introduction of healthcare reform. However, this isn’t a direct […] Read More
Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Efforts Under the ACA

Patient Engagement is now being referred to as the “Blockbuster Drug of the Century” as we continue to make the turn towards value-based care under the ACA. Facilitated through the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the ACA encourages patients and providers to become more active partners in making the crucial strategic decisions over improving […] Read More

Report: Affordable Marketplace Premiums

A new Commonwealth Fund Report has shed light on the affordability of health insurance plans bought through the marketplace. The report, Are Americans Finding Affordable Coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplaces?, reflects the finding of a survey that was conducted across a representative sample of over 4,000 individuals. The survey tracked people’s experiences shopping for […] Read More

HIMSS Pushing Telehealth Forward

The Healthcare Information & Management System Society (HIMSS) has proposed to congress a number of actions to be taken to advance telehealth & health IT efforts throughout the US & under the ACA. HIMSS outlined three formal requests for congressional action. HIMSS Requests to Congress 1. Expand telehealth services to improve access to care, patient […] Read More
Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions Still Being Avoided?

For sick patients with costly pre-existing conditions, the ACA was seen as an opportunity to be viewed equally in terms of insuring their health. While extending coverage to those who would have beforehand been denied was a key selling point of the new health law, insurers are still finding ways around being unable to reject […] Read More

Higher Education Faculty & ACA

For universities & colleges around the US, complying with the affordable care act seems to be causing many to pass on the costs of health insurance to their employees. According to a survey conducted by the College & University Professional Association for Human Resources, of the 370 institutions and 29 school systems polled, 20 percent […] Read More

Cyber Security & HIPAA: 4.5 Million Affected in Latest Breach

The latest Cyber Security breach currently under investigation was filed with the SEC by Community Health Systems, a Tennessee-based health company with over 200 hospitals in 29 states. The breach was detected in July and is said to have impacted 4.5 million individuals’ patient data. Community Health revealed that the attacker was an Advanced Persistent […] Read More

ACA Sending Patients to the ER

The influx of newly-insured under the ACA has further added to the over-utilization of healthcare facilities across the US. With more people covered, a shortage of primary care physicians, and the difficulties in navigating healthcare, many patients are flocking to Emergency Rooms and Walk-in Clinics for non-emergency purposes. In fact, hospitals in many states are seeing an […] Read More

2015 ACA Premium Cost Drivers

With 2015 rates being announced throughout many US states, health insurance premiums for plans under the health law are expected to rise. Florida was among the states seeing a sharp average increase – Florida health plans will see a rise in premiums of 13.2%. Florida Premium Rate Changes 14 companies filed to offer plans through […] Read More

Next Steps for HIPAA in Fighting Data Breaches

The HHS recently faced two HIPAA compliancy settlements that have given arise to questions surrounding the sufficiency of the current provisions surrounding data breaches. As the healthcare landscape rapidly evolved in the last 5 years, the governing regulations over data security, data privacy, and cyber security still lack the required measures of protection. The recent […] Read More
Meaningful Use

Moving Forward with Meaningful Use

Stage 2 Meaningful Use attestation continues to remain stagnant as the CMS reported only 1% of eligible providers and 3% of eligible hospitals have thus far attested to reporting requirements and implementations. These organizations were the few to meet Stage 2’s requirements of having implemented a 2014-certified EHR by Jan 1, completed a calendar quarter […] Read More

Supporting Expatriates Inside & Outside the Workplace

Expatriates find themselves in a unique position when it comes to adapting to a new workplace. From cultural differences to professional differences, it remains vital that these employees are given access to an intricate support system for issues both in the workplace and more importantly, at home. It is outside the workplace where newly relocated […] Read More