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Patient Navigators

Patient Navigators Reducing Readmissions under ACA

As a value-based care environment begins to emerge under the ACA, reducing readmissions and unnecessary care through Patient Navigators becomes increasingly important. For years, readmissions have been an unnecessary high cost to healthcare payers throughout the USA. While there a multitude of factors contributing to this, a 2014 survey found that 75 percent of doctors […] Read More

The Key Steps Towards ICD-10 Readiness

Regardless of the calls for the ICD-10 compliance date to be delayed once more, those who take the risk of being unprepared come Oct. 1 of 2015 could end up in trouble. Amongst the uncertainty, there are still opportunities to continue toward ICD-10 readiness. The key here is that all healthcare players need to be […] Read More
Onsite Clinics

Onsite Clinics – The Benefits to Employers & Employees

Employer’s often find providing access to healthcare services for their employees key to attracting or retaining the best talent. Now, employers are seeing a new advantage to offering even better healthcare access – reduced costs and healthier employees. Onsite healthcare clinics are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers who offer any type of healthcare benefits to […] Read More

HIPAA Concerns for 2015

Healthcare stakeholders are about to face a new frontier in the battle to remain HIPAA compliant and protect PHI and health data – digital. The new digital healthcare landscape is one of the key concerns for payers, providers, and patients as we enter into 2015 and have the opportunity to look back at 2014. Since […] Read More
Renewing Group Health Insurance

Renewing Group Health Insurance – Things to Know

During the 2015 open-enrollment period, employers have many different things to consider when renewing group health insurance. Many of the health law’s provisions impact how employers provide coverage to their employees and how they must continue to maintain it. There are multitudes of ways to provide such coverage, depending on the size of your business. […] Read More
Holiday Health Tips

Holiday Health Tips in the Workplace

The winter holiday season brings joy and cheer but can also bring increased absences, greater workloads and unhealthy behavior amongst the workforce. Employers may not be able to control what happens at employees’ homes with their nutrition and physical activity, but can at least provide tools and incentives with little effort to make their workforces healthy […] Read More
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in 2015

2015 is forecasted to be a turbulent year for employer-sponsored health insurance. The opening of the SHOP marketplace coupled with many new employer taxes coming into effect January 1st has got many US employers preparing changes or implementing new protocols to avoid any hard hits to their bottom line. More importantly, their employees must ultimately […] Read More
Cadillac Tax

Who Pays: The Cadillac Tax & the ACA

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance is cued to hit a number of obstacles in the near future of the ACA, baring any legislative changes. The number one fear on employers’ list is the arrival of the Cadillac Tax in 2018. The Cadillac Tax is a tax provision put in place to help regulate high-cost health insurance plans […] Read More
Telemedicine Reimbursement

Telemedicine Calls for Reimbursement Regulation

The turn of the year has caused many of healthcare reforms unaddressed issues to resurface – one being reimbursements to Telemedicine providers. Many healthcare providers are continuing to adopt telemedicine services despite reimbursement and regulatory challenges still in the way. However, in moving forward clarity and transparency is needed.  Currently, the shift towards implementing or […] Read More
Narrow Provider Networks

Protecting Patients Against Narrow Provider Networks

Narrow provider networks – which allow insurance companies to keep premiums down by including physicians they see as providing less-costly, more value-based care – are not a new phenomenon. However, after the passing of the PPACA and almost a year of the new health law being in place, narrow networks seem to be disgruntling a […] Read More
French Weeks

PayerFusion hosts French Weeks Seminar

[Press Release] PayerFusion Holdings & Akerman LLP Host ACA Seminar for Expats during French Weeks Miami 2014 As gold sponsors of this years French Weeks Miami, PayerFusion – in conjunction with the HR Committee of the French American Chamber of Commerce & Akerman LLP of Miami, FL – hosted a cocktail seminar entitled “The ACA: […] Read More
EHRs & mHealth

EHRs & mHealth Go Hand-in-Hand

In terms of HealthIT, the ‘Arms Race’ is being won by two types of ammunition – EHRs & mHealth. While the race to improve, innovate and attest takes center stage, very few stakeholders have come to realize that each go hand-in-hand. Recent discussions have skewed this idea, as many point to EHRs as scapegoat for a host of […] Read More