The Key Steps Towards ICD-10 Readiness

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February 12th, 2015

ICD-10Regardless of the calls for the ICD-10 compliance date to be delayed once more, those who take the risk of being unprepared come Oct. 1 of 2015 could end up in trouble. Amongst the uncertainty, there are still opportunities to continue toward ICD-10 readiness. The key here is that all healthcare players need to be just as ready as each other.

In light of this, we have taken a look some ways healthcare stakeholders can ensure that they will successfully implement the new coding set:

  • Conduct an impact assessment and capture information regarding changes to workflows, impacts to work environment, technical requirements, vendors, and contingency plans. Consider any potential changes to the environment of infrastructure housing newer ICD 10 systems.
  • Update incomplete patient records with all necessary elements to avoid delayed submissions and denied payments.
  • Testing as often as possible allows providers to practice with active claims by coding them in older systems and their new ICD-10 system to ensure clinicians are getting the right information when assign specific ICD-10 codes. Additionally, ensure any shifts in deadlines haven’t caused testing strategies or implementations to be misaligned or repeated. Providers should also survey their payer partners to understand if they are able to support testing; payers should assess external readiness of those that they do business with.
  • Reevaluate staffing needs, including additional employee training. Consider how much has been invested in training to date and establish a trend for the near future.
  • Taking advantage of cost-effective resources can help clarify any questions or misunderstandings providers may have.
  • Maintain clear and concise communications amongst your team, partners and vendors. Communication should be information and educational, informing parties of any changes and updating them on the status of your implementation.

As an international TPA, PayerFusion continues to make efforts towards reaching ICD-10 readiness both for ourselves and our healthcare partners. Our clients can rest assured knowing we attain to the highest standard of coding initiatives. To learn more about PayerFusion’s coding and claims processing services click here.

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