This Week in Healthcare: November 16th, 2012

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November 16th, 2012

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5 Myths of the U.S. Healthcare System

In order to improve the overall healthcare system and create informed consumers it is necessary to negate the common myths surrounding the US healthcare system. We highlight 5 of these commonly held myths about the US healthcare industry and provide some insight into why they simply are not true.

Overuse, Underuse & Misuse: 3 Types of Inappropriate Care Leading to Healthcare Waste

$740 billion- this is the amount of estimated waste in the US healthcare system. Most would agree that controlling healthcare costs and improving quality will only be possible by reducing this astonishing amount of waste. Much of this waste is in the form of unnecessary, redundant or ineffective treatment that has no positive effect on outcomes.

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Health IT

Biggest obstacles to stage 2 EHR bonuses revealed

TriCare awards EHR contract, Peak 10 HIPAA cloud, EHR patient safety

Study identifies which patients most willing to use personal health records

AMIA: Why interoperability is 'taking so darn long'

Optimizing Technology to Do More with Less

Interoperability: Quick Route To Better Care

Redesign the Patient Health Record


Care Coordination & Transparency

The volume of low acuity patients in the ER is not a myth

Two-pronged physician rating system promises more transparency to physician ratings


Healthcare Reform

Infographic - Facts About Patient Education 

ICD-10 Transition: Four steps to get physicans on board

Does America Really Want Healthcare Change?

mHealth for Healthcare Payers: 5 Key Applications focused on Member Interactions

New organizational structure is coming in Healthcare


Healthcare Costs

Employers expanding use of higher deductibles

Rising costs of med care make it very pertinent for us to assess value"- Dr. Mark Hlatky

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are on the rise for unemployed and employed alike

Employer Health Costs Rise 4 Percent, Lowest Increase Since 1997


Medicare & Medicaid

AMA says time to move Medicare away from broken payment system


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