This Week in Healthcare: January 11th, 2013

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January 11th, 2013
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This Week in Healthcare: January 11th, 2013

15 Types of Medical Billing Fraud & Abuse

It is estimated that medical fraud and abuse accounts for $80 billion worth of healthcare costs in the US.  This rampant abuse of our healthcare system is detrimental to the system as a whole and contributes to higher healthcare costs and increased costs for coverage.  With an incredibly complex medical billing system such as ours, medical providers and organizations are bound to make occasional mistakes when coding the services provided to patients. It is this same complexity which also makes fraud and abuse easier to commit and more difficult to detect.

Health Plan Design Trends for 2013

As the healthcare landscape transitions, self-funded employers and insurers are reassessing their health plan designs to better cope with costs and impending changes.  An estimated 2,000 large employers plan to migrate from more traditional plans to health plan designs that will prepare them for Affordable Care Act requirements and attempt to keep their premium contributions stable.

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Health IT

Data security risks will be a tera topic in 2013

Should physicians recommend health apps to patients?

The iBlueButton app - Veterans & Medicare beneficiaries can download their EHRs via iPhone

2013 the year of the mHealth

Copying common in electronic medical records

Study: Cost Savings From EHR Use Fall Short of Expectations

The Year Ahead and a Glimpse at Stage 4 of Meaningful Use

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11 data security tips for a healthy organization in 2013

Many clinicians use voice recognition regularly. Meaningful Use aims to standardize this for patients

If Interoperability is the Future of Healthcare, What's the Delay?

3 best practices for internal security


Healthcare Reform

Issue brief reviews how health reform could impact women's health coverage and care

The non-existent public option as ACA's Achilles' Heel

Providers still waiting on Sunshine Act implementation

Who should lead healthcare teams?

FL needs Medicaid expansion

Get Ready! CMS designing survey to measure patient experience during emergency department visits

106 ACOs launch in January


Healthcare Costs

What is the ideal payment system for health care delivery?

Patient medication adherence success story: Adherence rate boosted to 81% in 2 months

Medicare, Medicaid EMR payments reach $10.3B



The recipe for a great hospitalist program

Medical malpractice: Equating standard of care to best practice

Patient-centered care must-haves: Convenience, flexibility

Hospitals & physicians join forces for clinical integration

Why It’s Time to Link Medical and Psychiatric Records


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