This Week in Healthcare: December 21st, 2012

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December 21st, 2012
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The Case For Evidence Based Medicine

By using data from external clinical research combined with individual clinical expertise, EBM allows physicians to determine the method of treatment for the patients with greater accuracy and efficiency.  By providing a systematic approach and clinical guidelines for treating patients, EBM reduces physician variability, improves health outcomes and in turn lowers the cost of care.


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Health IT

[Infographic] How Electronic Health Records connect You with your Doctor

Healthcare Providers Face Uphill Battle in Stemming Data Breaches

Using analytics to improve EHR, prepare for HIE

Mobile health technology adoption relies heavily on insurers

At the intersection of big data and cloud computing: Analytics.

Back to the interoperability future

Stage 2 Meaningful Use Requires Three Month Reporting Period

Infographic: Understanding How Big Data Flows in Healthcare

115 Mind Blowing mHealth and Telehealth Statistics and Trends

Smaller hospitals reconsider their EHRs

Hospitals, Health Systems Lack Confidence In Meeting Stage 2 MU: Poll


Healthcare Reform

Insurance exchanges will be financed by surcharges on insurance premiums sold in the exchange

Advanced Practitioners Key to Expanding Primary Care

From politics to details on HIX

Hospitals Stepping Up Security Risk Analysis, While Practices Lag

Many of those the Health Law is aimed at helping have no idea what it could do for them


Healthcare Costs

What employees pay on average before insurance kicks in. Comparing past 7 years

Could a healthcare accountant save each of us $3,000/year at the Health Insurance Exchange?



Disparities in Healthcare: 5 Key Questions & Answers

Healthcare crisis: not enough specialists for the poor

Consumer Reports and ABIM have great lists about treatments patients may not need!


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