PayerFusion Healthcare Insights Round Up – October

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November 1st, 2012

10 Drivers of Unsustainable Healthcare Costs

Despite our high level of spending on healthcare, the US lags in healthcare quality. This level healthcare spending is an unsustainable burden on the United States economy, more specifically businesses, employees and consumers.

Accessibility & Cost Savings Through Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been used for over 40 years for providing greater access to healthcare services in rural areas but recently; there has been exponential growth in the use of telemedicine.

10 Keys to ACO Success

10 steps and issues that should be taken into account in order to create a solid infrastructure and achieve long-term ACO goals.

Infographic: Healthcare Cost and Utilization Report

This infographic is a summary of key findings from the Healthcare Cost Institute’s 2010 to 2011′s Healthcare Costs and Utilization Report. This annual report covers price, utilization, and spending trends from medical claims of over 40 million people in comparison to last year’s results.

Pay for Performance: An Overview of 10 Performance Domains

Initiated by both commercial and public payers, pay for performance (P4P) programs have become widespread in the healthcare system. We highlight 10 key performance domains that are the focus of pay-for-performance

Eliminating the Mystery of Healthcare Costs & Quality

With rising healthcare costs and the increased availability of cost and quality data, it is hard to ignore the push towards transparency and consumerism in the US healthcare industry. Paying for healthcare can often be seen like signing a blank check; the patient has no idea what the price is, but the service is needed.

Medical Technology: Cost Driver or Cost Saver?

When discussing the cost drivers of healthcare, “medical technology” is a commonly named factor behind the increase in healthcare spending. If advances in medical technology have lead to so many improvements in care, then why is it viewed so negatively in relation to healthcare spending?

5 Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

Choosing Wisely, an initiative by the ABIM, aims to help physicians use healthcare resources more wisely. In this post, we list the five tests or procedures identified by Choosing Wisely commonly used in various fields whose necessity should be questioned.