PayerFusion Healthcare Insights Roundup – November

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November 30th, 2012

10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

With so much focus on the costs of healthcare, one has to wonder, what are the most expensive medical procedures? In this brief post we list the 10 most expensive procedures and their average costs.

8 Best Practices for More Cost & Quality Conscious Consumers

Driving consumer engagement with cost and quality information is imperative to maximizing the healthcare dollar of patients and payers. In this article we focus on 8 strategies to encourage consumer consciousness of cost and quality when seeking medical services.

5 Myths of the U.S. Healthcare System

There is no shortage of myths surrounding healthcare costs and delivery in the US. Some of these myths have emerged due to a lack of understanding of cost drivers and other issues within the system while others arise out of a need to simplify this complex industry. In this article we highlight and dispel 5 common myths of healthcare in the US.

Overuse, Underuse & Misuse: 3 Types of Inappropriate Care Leading to Healthcare Waste

$740 billion- this is the amount of estimated waste in the US healthcare system. Most would agree that controlling healthcare costs and improving quality will only be possible by reducing this astonishing amount of waste. Much of this waste is in the form of unnecessary, redundant or ineffective treatment that has no positive effect on outcomes.

Video: Money & Medicine – Runaway Healthcare Spending

Money & Medicine investigates the dangers the nation faces from runaway health care spending as well as the dangers patients face from over-diagnosis and over-treatment. Our more-is-better approach to health care is not only failing to make us healthier, it’s threatening to bankrupt the nation.  The doctor/patient stories in this film illustrate the powerful forces driving excessive medical care as well as proven strategies that can reduce unnecessary medical spending.

Easing the Primary Care Shortage

The US is facing a looming problem- there is a shortage of primary care doctors.  Primary care is caught between a growing demand for services and a shrinking pool of providers and the shortage has the potential to undermine health reform efforts and emerging care delivery models. Read more to learn about strategies to help alleviate the provider search shortage.