Press Release: Health Insights Symposium Fills the Gap in PPACA Preparedness Amongst Employers

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June 10th, 2014

Health Insights Symposium

June 9, 2014 – Miami, FL

The attendees at this month’s Health Insights Symposium were in agreement that many employers are unaware of the required regulations and alternatives available when offering health benefits to employees and their dependents. That’s why they chose to attend – to learn about the impact of healthcare reform on employee health benefits and the strategies available to them as they seek to offer cost-effective health insurance.

“For employers with 30-50 FTEs, our Self-Funding solutions can achieve approximately 37% savings in spending compared to their current fully-insured plan, while still providing PPACA-compliant health benefits.” explained keynote speaker Mrs. Griselle Chernys, CEO & Founder of PayerFusion Holdings, L.L.C

Mrs. Chernys addressed employers at Thursday’s Health Insights Symposium in Miami providinginsight on the current state of PPACA & its impact on employer-sponsored health benefits.  She also highlighted strategies being implemented by employers to continue offering health plans that are beneficial to both their businesses and employees.

Many of the attendeeswere relieved to hear that PayerFusion Holdings, L.L.C. currently offers an alternative solution to traditional fully-insured plans that is both compliant and cost-effective. PayerFusion’s Self-Funded Solutions & Services were presented to attendees as a method to offer rich health benefits to employees while avoiding many of the costly provisions of PPACA.

The announcement was received with  both enthusiasm and further interest in the advantages of becoming self-insured versus fully-insured. PayerFusion Holdings LLC, is currently offering personal consultations to HR & financial executives, benefits administrators and insurance brokers who are interested in providing a cost effective PPACA-compliant health plan that can attract and retain the best talent in their industry.

PayerFusion Holdings, L.L.C. is a Miami-based TPA that specializes in offering PPACA-compliant and cost-effective health plans to both domestic and international employers. PayerFusion’s Self-Funded Solutions & Services are now currently available to groups of all sizes with lives here in the US and abroad.

For a more detailed review of the topics discussed and the facts presented at this month’s Health Insights Symposium, click here. To learn more about the benefits of choosing to self-fund your benefits plan or how to maximize savings on medical spending across your current plan, contact a PayerFusion representative at or call (305) 760-8739.