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balance billing

Balance Billing: A Dilemma for all

Balance billing is a practice by which medical providers and facilities make the patient responsible for the amount not paid by their insurance company. The medical facility charges a price for a service, the insurance company Read More
price variance

Acute Appendicitis: $1,500 or $180,000?

Huge variances in hospital charges for the same procedures is a shocking problem in the US Healthcare Industry. US Healthcare law prohibits Read More
white glove medical service

PayerFusion’s White Glove Service

Our white glove services are a strong market differentiator for our clients and help give patients peace of mind when traveling to the U.S. to receive medical care. Whether a patient needs assistance with a prescription or Read More
healthcare waste

$700 Billion Wasted

Approximately $700 Billion Healthcare dollars are wasted each year. These dollars, instead of improving health outcomes by providing better care, pay for more care (i.e. more tests and days spent in the hospital). Read More
healthy eating

Preventative Care through Eating Healthy

You can control health risks and weight gain by taking more control over your eating habits. What you put into your body is a direct correlation to what your body looks like and how it performs. At each stage of your life there are various factors affecting your body that be should taken into account […] Read More
healthy eating infographic

Healthy Eating Throughout Your Life

At each stage of your life, your body has a goal to accomplish or an environmental attack to fend off. In the graphic below we highlight Read More
CPR chest compressions

Chest Compressions: A Life and Death Difference

If you haven’t been well-trained in CPR and you see someone having what appears to be a heart attack, just doing chest compressions to help keep the blood flowing can be as effective as CPR that includes mouth-to-mouth breathing, new research claims. Read More
going home from the hospital

Tips for Going Home From the Hospital (PSA)

This Public Service Ad emphasizes the need to clarify all aspects of medical care, including medications, in preparation for leaving the hospital. Read More