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Top 10 of 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Throughout 2012 we have strived to create and share relevant articles on the latest healthcare industry topics.  No need to worry if you might have missed one of our articles, below we highlight our top 10 blog posts of 2012. Thanks for your readership and we wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year! […] Read More
2012 employer health benefits

Employer Health Benefits 2012 Report

The Kaiser Family Foundation has recently released the 2012 Employee Health Benefits Annual Survey. This report is an in depth analysis of employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, employee Read More
healthcare week nov16

This Week in Healthcare: November 16th, 2012

November 16th’s weekly review of healthcare articles and tweets from PayerFusion for quick glance. Topics discussed: Healthcare costs, Health IT, Medicare, Care Coordination, etc. Read More
expensive medical procedure

10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

The 10 most expensive medical procedures. In cases of transplants, the hospital stay before and after the surgery makes up about 75 percent of the bill. Read More
mystery Healthcare cost quality

Eliminating the Mystery of Healthcare Costs & Quality

With rising healthcare costs and the increased availability of cost and quality data, it is hard to ignore the push towards transparency and consumerism in the US healthcare industry. Paying for healthcare can often be seen like signing a blank check; the patient has no idea what the price is, but the service is needed. Read More
aco payment model

Private Sector ACO Models Gaining Prominence

ACOs are regarded by many as the ideal way to align patient, provider and payer interests while overcoming several challenges facing the US healthcare system. These challenges include limited capacity to deliver consistent and effective care, poorly coordinated patient care and the rising costs of care.  ACOs have 3 major characteristics that separate them from […] Read More
primary care shortage

Highlighting the Challenge: The Primary Care Shortage in the US Health System

As we move towards the full implementation of the ACA, primary care is being positioned as the foundation of our healthcare system, and rightly so. Numerous studies show that communities and health systems Read More
urgent care

Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

Urgent Care Clinics Save Time & Money With the US healthcare system continuing to face issues with access to care, rising costs and increasing demands on emergency care departments, urgent care clinics are the solution for many patients and insurers. These facilities are typically well received by consumers, covered by health plans and have the […] Read More
payerfusion mexican olympics

PayerFusion Provides Medical Assistance Services to the 2012 Mexican Olympic Team!

PayerFusion is set to provide our healthcare administrative services to the 2012 Mexican Olympic Delegation while they are in the UK. Read More
changes healthcare delivery system

5 Changes to the US Healthcare Delivery System

In addition to expanding coverage and insurance reforms, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also includes provisions for changing the healthcare delivery system in order to reduce costs and improve the quality Read More
supreme court upholds ppaca

Supreme Court Upholds PPACA

Today, June 28, 2012 The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold the entire Healthcare Law. Key points of the ruling: Court rules 5-4 to uphold individual mandate; Court says the requirement to have insurance is a tax, and is constitutional. Read More
cost plus methodology

Cost Plus Methodology: Achieving True Cost Containment

PayerFusion’s unique, three-pronged approach to claims reimbursement allows providers fair reimbursement while simultaneously giving Read More