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November 16th, 2015

Where Have All the USA PPO Health Plans gone?

In the US, PPO (Preferred provider organization) Health insurance is a type of plan that provides medical service through a contracted network of health care providers.
According to a recent study by the nonprofit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the PPO health plans are disappearing from the USA public health exchanges.[1]

For American nationals, most of those plans disappeared because they did not fit the ACA standards of pricing in the exchanges.

The number of health insurance plans available on that huge federal Obamacare marketplace for 2016 are decreasing by up to 12 percent compared with this year, industry sources said.[2]

WellAway Limited USA plans for its expats members are fully ACA compliant and still use an open access PPO plan. Our policies are the best competitive option for expats that want to be compliant with the new USA regulations, not pay a tax penalty and still maintain an international plan with an A rated network of providers in the USA and around the world. We provide the best option for the expatriate lifestyle.

WellAway Limited’s, CEO Griselle Chernys expressed, “The USA Healthcare and insurance market is undergoing the deepest restructure in over 30 years. As new challenges face medical access to providers in the USA, WellAway Limited continues committed to providing expatriates with the most exclusive and extensive network of providers, with easy access and quality. We are proud of our very unique product and our worldwide provider network.”

At WellAway, we provide unmatched customer service and the most comprehensive coverage you need to stay safe and healthy wherever you may roam.

It’s Time to Choose the Right Health Insurance…

Your Needs as an Expat Will be Met with WellAway

To comply with the USA regulation of Obamacare, while enjoying exclusive benefits from your membership with the CFE. ” La Caisse des Français de l’Etranger ” (La CFE) has partnered with WellAway Limited to provide a plan that is ACA compliant, avoids the tax penalties and provides you with dollar one coverage.

With the CFE you are covered for medical care in France, the United States and worldwide.

What are the main advantages for WellAway Clients?

WellAway Plans in the USA comply with ObamaCare: Make sure not to pay any tax penalties in 2016.
Indeed, you will have to pay a tax if you do not subscribe to a proper USA health insurance plan that is accredited to be compliant with the new USA regulations during tax period 2016 if you are an expat spending more than 30 days in the United States in any continuous period of time.

You will have an average saving of 15% compared to any expatriate health plans: By combining La CFE regime to a special Expatriates health insurance, WellAway lets you automatically reduce your insurance premium.

Your membership with the CFE and WellAway takes you a long way.

Your CFE Membership cost is reduced: Join today the CFE with WellAway and you will save even more! Join La CFE and secure immediate guaranties for no back premium for all membership applications occurring before January 31, 2016. Use WellAway as your top up plan and save even more!

Your “Out of Pocket cost”/” Co-pay” removed in most cases. Once more, thanks to a partnership with La CFE, in most cases WellAway and CFE combined, keeps you ahead of added medical fees.

Your Health insurance tailored to your international lifestyle: WellAway covers you worldwide. If you wish, you can continue to get treatment in France by the doctor of your choice.

Your Customer service, Concierge Care available 24/7 in French or English.

Our customer service representatives will answer all of your questions, in French or English, 24/7. Whether you need medical advice, or want to arrange a second medical opinion from a worldwide network doctor or specialist. The customer service team is here to meet your expectations. Provided in partnership with PayerFusion an international TPA based in the USA, you are able to have access to seamless services worldwide and in the USA via ConciergeCare in French. PayerFusion is contracted by WellAway to handle its expatriate members in all assistance, claims and customer service matters for the CFE and WellAway for a seamless claims integration and service. PayerFusion network of international providers includes strong provider access worldwide and in the USA.

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