Kaiser’s March 2013 ACA Tracking Poll

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April 16th, 2013
Categories: Healthcare Reform

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released their March 2013 Tracking Poll on the Affordable Care Act. The poll findings show that most Americans are unclear how the health law will affect them and don’t realize their state’s decision on Medicaid Expansion.

Report findings reflect large contrasts in public opinion about the ACA; about 40% negatively view the law, while 37% feel the law is an improvement. The parties who reported positively about the law list expanded accessibility to care as a considerable pro, while those unfavorable to the law mention cost as a con. The most beneficial provisions of ACA like small business tax credits and closure of the Medicare coverage gap, are the least acknowledged, whereas the least popular provisions like the individual mandate are widely known.

Most Americans (48%) claim that they don’t know anything at all about their states’ decision on whether it will expand Medicaid, while about 7% seem to have heard quite a bit, and 15% have heard some information. 78% of the public reported that they haven’t heard enough information on whether their governor has even made a decision, not to mention what the decision will be. General knowledge on ACA’s provisions has not appeared to increase since it’s implementation in 2010, and awareness has declined overall with less media coverage on the matter.

The March 2013 Poll covers answers to opinion on ACA in general, how the law will effect individuals, the perception on healthcare cost growth, as well as awareness on all provisions of the law. For the complete report details, please visit http://www.kff.org/kaiserpolls/upload/8425-F.pdf.

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