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Obama Buckles Down on the Uninsured with Aggressive Health Care Tax Penalties

Are you Uninsured in the U.S.? You could be hit with the new, stronger penalties the government has put into action. Two years ago, the Affordable Care Act was put into action, urging millions of people in the U.S., both citizens and expats, to purchase a healthcare plan in order to avoid tax penalties. While […] Read More

5 Things About CMS’ Mandatory Bundled Payment Program that will Cut Costs and Improve Service

CMS is announcing their first mandatory test of shared-risk, outcomes-based payment models and it’s first initiative to make hospitals financially-responsible for patient recovery, up to 90-days after a knee or hip replacement surgery. This landmark program, Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement, will go into effect April 1, 2016. Patient engagement and care coordination technologies will be the […] Read More

How to get your US Green Card

How to get your US Green Card? Would you like to permanently reside in the United States? For this there is only one solution: be a Green Card holder. Indeed, the Green Card entitles the holder to live and work in the US without any restrictions. Below is a brief overview of the main ways to […] Read More


Where Have All the USA PPO Health Plans gone? In the US, PPO (Preferred provider organization) Health insurance is a type of plan that provides medical service through a contracted network of health care providers. According to a recent study by the nonprofit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the PPO health plans are disappearing from the […] Read More

Relaxation may be key to fewer doctor visits

A recent study lead by Dr. James Stahl, director of the Institute for Technology Assessment at Massachusetts General, claims that deep relaxation techniques, such as yoga and meditation, may also lead to fewer visits to the doctor. Read More

The Difference Between a Cold and Allergies

Often during this time of year, we all start to feel congested and watery eyed and find ourselves wondering…is it the cold or flu? In this video Dr. Oz and a guest named Courtney, explore the signs and symptoms of a cold vs. allergies to determine what you have! Here are 4 telltale ways to […] Read More

HHS announces $685 million to support clinicians through The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative

The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is one of the largest investments made by the Federal Government made to support doctors and their teams all over the country through learning networks and collaborating with their peers. Read More

Play or Pay

International residents and expats have often been wrongfully advised by their insurance carrier not to pay any importance to the penalties of Affordable Care Act (ACA), under the assumption that the individual tax assessment penalty may be the only item to be concerned about and may result in a small tax obligation. However, in 2015 […] Read More
Breast Cancer Awareness Month- October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease because education and early detection are very important. Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, every 2 minutes a woman in the United […] Read More
Medical Debt

How Subsidies Are Protecting Against Medical Debt

One positive piece of news circulating each year since the PPACA was signed into place has been the decline in the number of Americans suffering from medical debt. In fact, the number of Americans struggling to pay medical bills has declined every year since 2011 and particularly since 2013, a new government report shows. Medical […] Read More
Personal Health Record

[Press Release] PayerFusion Now Offers Electronic Personal Health Records & Telehealth Services to International and US-Based Group Members

Miami, FL – February 2015       PayerFusion announced the rollout of its new added-value Personal Health Record and Telehealth solutions, available to existing and prospective clients with group members or employees in the US & abroad. The new addition to PayerFusion’s service menu enables employers or payers to take greater control over their group’s health information […] Read More

[Press Release] PayerFusion Holdings Designated as Exclusive TPA for WellAway & the CFE

Miami, Fl – February, 2015 – PayerFusion Holdings has announced it has been designated as the exclusive TPA to administer WellAway, Ltd.’s health plans in the USA, including the first ACA-compliant CFE Complémentaire. WellAway, Ltd. is an insurance manager based in Bermuda that specializes in offering expatriate health and travel insurance. In partnership with the […] Read More